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Eurovent to hold Commercial Refrigeration workshop

Focus of the event will be on achieving greater food safety and cost savings through state-of-the-art refrigeration technologies

| | Oct 25, 2017 | 10:39 am
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Eurovent Middle East will be conducting a workshop on Commercial Refrigeration, as part of its ‘HVACR Leadership Workshops’ series, on October 30 in Dubai. According to the association, the event will be non-commercial in nature and free-of-charge. It will see leading experts outline ways for achieving greater food safety and cost savings through state-of-the-art refrigeration technologies, the association added.

The workshop will include seminars on the following topics:
• International regulatory developments in commercial refrigeration and their potential for       the Middle East
• Influence of cooler units in preventing moisture and aroma loss in open-shelf products in       cold storages
• Natural refrigerant systems in warm climates: Existing solutions, case studies and future         developments for the Middle East
• Benefits of air curtains in cold storage applications
• The ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ programme for refrigerated display cabinets
Subsequent to the seminars, Eurovent said, participants will be invited to discuss several      core issues, including:
• The rise of new refrigerants: Assets and drawbacks
• Commercial refrigeration in hot climate zones: Best practices
• Consultants in commercial refrigeration, their core issues and challenges
Francesco Scuderi, Deputy Secretary General, Eurovent Association, and one of Europe’s leading experts in the Commercial Refrigeration sector, will moderate the event, Eurovent said.
Scuderi said: “Commercial refrigeration is one of the most dynamic areas within the HVACR sector, with supermarkets changing their equipment in short cycles and new, F-Gas-compliant solutions rapidly entering the market. We would like our ‘HVACR Leadership Workshops’ to provide participants from the GCC region with an overview on latest technologies and regulatory developments, while sharing best practices from the Middle East and Europe.’
• The workshop will take place at Le Meredien Airport Hotel, Dubai.
• Participation is limited to 60 people.
• Those interested in attending can register free of charge at www.eurovent.me
• Tickers will be issued on first-come-first-serve basis.

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