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Unified control for multiple air conditioning systems

New web-based remote app supports the control of VRF and VRV systems, as well, says company official

| | Sep 10, 2017 | 3:22 pm
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With the Internet of Things making strides in the HVAC industry, a UK-based company has developed a web-based remote app, which it says, allows users to synchronise multiple brands of air conditioning systems to the app for better control.

Explaining how the app works, Eli Sellam, Product Manager at Tenways Engineering Services, said: “While the app, CoolRemote, can be accessed through any web browser, it has to be synchronised to our CoolMasterNet device, which has to be connected to the air conditioning system.

“Apart from the temperature control feature, the device can access critical information of the air conditioning system and share it with the app, which can be used for diagnostic and maintenance purposes. Our technology supports different brands, like Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Samsung and others. The app can also support VRF and VRV systems.”

Sellam further added that the main benefit of the technology is that users, who have multiple brand air conditioning systems installed in their homes or buildings, will have a better control of their systems.

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