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Magnatron’s Airtron AC Power Saver seeks to address the needs of the GCC region

CEO says programmable, dual-sensor-driven microprocessor can save 35% electricity across all air conditioners

| | Sep 10, 2017 | 3:10 pm
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Magnatron’s Airtron AC Power Saver is a programmable, dual-sensor-driven microprocessor, which the company claimed, can save 35% electricity on all air conditioners, with precision control of set temperature and a payback of 4-6 months. Since its initial launch, over two years ago, Kishore Mansata, CEO of Magnatron, as well as the architect and design and patent applicant of the technology, said that Airtron is being sold in India and that the company has observed strong sales in Malaysia, Thailand, Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil and Mexico. Now, what of the product’s prospects in the GCC region?

When asked whether the high-ambient temperatures in the Middle East and the growing emphasis among GCC region states towards energy efficiency, owing to an increase in electricity tariffs will drive demand for Airtron in the region, Mansata said, yes. “A partner of ours contacted us from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia,” he said. “They have two offices [there]. Apart from the Dubai validation, these two received good savings, and they are now excited about taking it forward.” Mansata said two more companies have expressed interest in moving forward with the product, and that Airtron is in talks with a Switzerland-based company and a Dubai-based company.

He explained that Airtron is programmable according to geographical location and climate and adapts automatically to changes in season and ambient conditions. “To make it simple,” he said, “my engineers, once they get the address, they program it for that country in advance. So, the customer, when he gets it, all he needs to do is use the temperature.”

Airtron, he said, is applicable to all air conditioners, including inverters, multi-splits, ducted splits, packages, windows and cassettes from 1-2 tonnes of refrigeration (TR). The product, Mansata added, comes with a remote for setting the room temperature and is in a non-flammable polycarbonate enclosure, with SMPS power supply “to tolerate wide voltage and current fluctuations, surges, spikes and sags”.

Airtron, Mansata said, has been approved by multinational companies, public-sector units and government departments. Mansata said the product has also been validated for 44% savings by Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), which is a joint-venture company of public-sector units of the Ministry of Power, Government of India. EESL, he said, is the largest ESCO in India and the only agency in the country, whose test certificate is accepted across Asia. In addition to EESL, Mansata said that Airtron has been tested by leading brands and groups, worldwide. “We do offer the product to companies,” Mansata shared, adding that they are welcome to be tested by all interested parties. Mansata said that recently the Ghanaian government tested it and was able to achieve 36% energy savings. “We depend on partners in various countries marketing for us to obtain more certifications and to introduce it,” he said. “They share it, and we are happy to support them technically.”

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