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India-based start-up develops energy-analytics platform

Product can also predict downtime of equipment and identify refrigerant leaks, says Founder

| | Sep 4, 2017 | 8:46 am
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In order to counter the soaring usage of energy, an India-based start-up has claimed to have developed an energy-analytics platform to monitor and control energy consumption.

Explaining the dynamics of the platform, Harit Soni, Founder and Director of Ecolibrium Energy, said: “SmartSense is an energy-analytics platform, which can be used in factories and buildings to monitor energy consumption. This plug-and-play platform has capabilities to integrate with existing sensors and transfer data to a cloud.”

Elaborating further on the features of the platform, Soni said, “The platform identifies energy hotspots and overconsumption, and it can even predict downtime of machines, for companies to service them.

“It can also predict refrigerant leaks in air conditioning systems. And it can be integrated with modern building management systems, apart from conventional building-monitoring systems.”

Speaking about the start-up’s strategic ventures with local companies, Soni said: “We have currently tied up with Blue Star, Fiat Automobiles, Godrej, Tata and other reputed companies. They have started using our product and are experiencing significant energy saving results.”

Speaking about expansion plans in the UAE, Soni added: “In the Middle East, the cooling load is very high, which leads to high energy usage. Our platform can optimise HVAC equipment for better energy usage. We are still exploring to increase our presence in the UAE and currently are in talks with certain stakeholders. We also hope to work closely with District Cooling plants and centralised chiller plants.”

Soni said his team has managed to raise USD 2.6 million in a recently held funding round, which will boost the company’s activities, including global expansion.

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