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Good workmanship the answer to resolving leakage in ducts

Industry insider also cites proper testing as an important aspect to consider and as something that should be specified for ducts with high static pressure

| | Sep 12, 2017 | 8:43 am
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Good workmanship is the most important aspect for avoiding leakage in ducting systems. Hassan Younes, Technical Director at Griffin Project Development Consultants, stressed this, adding that the systems must also undergo proper leakage tests. “Tests make sure that duct leakage is [at a] minimum,” Younes said, “and should be specified for any ducts with high static pressure.”

When asked whether he has seen an improvement in the industry in terms of better measures being implemented to address leakage in ducts, Younes said he has not. “However, as time passes,” he said, “people [will] realise the importance of energy conservation measures, in general. With duct leakage being an energy waste, the public is more aware of duct-leakage problems.” Younes emphasised the importance of taking the necessary measures to avoid leakage, underlining that it can also cause a number of indoor environmental problems that would normally go unnoticed.

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