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Saudi Vision 2030 will propel use of clean energy sources

Clean energy sources will add value to the HVACR industry, says industry insider

| | Aug 29, 2017 | 4:19 pm
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With the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia progressing towards realising Saudi Vision 2030, one of the key points of the vision is putting an emphasis on the use of clean energy. 

Speaking on this key point of the vision, Khalid Al Mulhim, Business Development Director of Suhaimi Design – Protecooling, said: “Vision 2030, owing to its focus on the preservation and efficient utilisation of resources like hydrocarbons, will encourage the use of alternative energy sources. 

“Clean energy sources will add value to the HVACR industry in limited applications, such as absorption chiller systems, where steam can be generated with solar as the energy source.”

With this focus on clean energy, Al Mulhim also believes that there will be a significant demand for solar-powered absorption chillers.

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