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‘High efficiency and IEQ standards are at the core of our product development’

Carrier highlights product range for Middle East market

| | Aug 30, 2017 | 11:26 am
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Carrier emphasised its commitment towards high efficiency and IEQ standards with Giorgio Elia, Vice President and Managing Director, UTC Climate, Controls & Security Middle East, saying that both aspects are “at the core of our product development across chillers, airside, residential and light commercial and control product ranges”.

Providing a comprehensive update on the company’s wide range of product solutions, Elia highlighted key features of its inverter units. Elia said that the inverter hi-walls are up to 30% more efficient, ensuring a quicker payback period. The additional investment on an inverter hi-wall unit, compared to a fixed-speed unit, he said, can be recovered within a year in terms of energy savings. The calculation, he said, was based on a comparison of a 1.5 TR Carrier hi-wall unit.

Elia also spoke on the company’s VRF systems, which, he said, were designed and manufactured to operate efficiently in the high-ambient conditions of the Middle East and were tested for operation at 52 degrees C. The systems, he said, are available in CDU capacities from 8 to 18 HP, with a maximum modular capacity of 72 HP.

Both the hi-wall inverter and VRF product, he said, use non-HCFC refrigerant and surpass the ASHRAE 90.1 minimum energy-efficiency requirements, as well as GCC regulations.

Lastly, touching on chillers, Elia highlighted the Carrier AquaForce 30XA air cooled chillers which, he said, follow both the global AHRI certification, based on ARI 551/ 591 standards and Eurovent certification, based on EN 14511 standards, as well as Middle Eastern certification requirements. He also spoke on the recent launch of the company’s new generation of AquaForce 30XV air-cooled chillers, which he said, features variable-speed drive (VSD) technology and IPLV of 21, which contributes to significant energy cost savings when compared with a fixed-speed chiller.

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