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Unigulf to launch new products

Company is focusing on introducing Lead’air and Thermaflex line of products in the Middle East market

| | Jul 4, 2017 | 12:23 pm
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Unigulf will be introducing a new line of products from Lead’air and Thermaflex to the Middle East region. Kishore Deotarase, General Manager, Unigulf, said the new venture is a result of the company’s move to reinforce its alliance with its European companies.

Lead’air, based in Belgium, will be making available a number of products, such as flexible duct connectors and ducting accessories in the Middle East. Deotarase said that there are plans to manufacture the products in the UAE.

Unigulf is working with Thermaflex, a company based in Holland, towards the distribution of XLP insulation. Deotarase said the brand specialises in turnkey facilities in Turkey and the Far East.

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