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Portacool expresses keenness in addressing heat-related concerns

Says it is focused on the lead-up to upcoming mega international events in the GCC region

| | Jul 23, 2017 | 10:07 am
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Portacool said it is prepared to address heat-related concerns in the GCC region, especially in light of upcoming international mega events. Thomas Morrison, Director, Marketing, Portacool, said the company has the region in sharp focus, particularly the construction industry, which is continuing to experience a contraction in overall demand.

“As we look at the need for infrastructure-builds throughout the region for upcoming events,” Morrison said, “the treatment of workers is sure to be scrutinised. We are prepared to be the answer to heat-related safety concerns – wherever that might be.”

Morrison added that the recent economic situation has led the company to pay stronger attention to some countries in the GCC region, such as Saudi Arabia. “Our focus has not shifted,” he said. “We are dedicated to supporting the entire region. Throughout all of the Middle East and North Africa, the same safety concerns are prevalent. Our products and our network are prepared to respond to any needs throughout the region that might arise.”


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