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‘MEP consultants, contractors widely appreciated by sponsors’

That said, there is wide scope for improvement, including demonstrating that the MEP community is part of the project team and through involving it in the drive to embrace technology

| | Jul 17, 2017 | 9:05 am
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MEP consultants and contractors are increasingly being recognised for the valuable role they play in building development. This was the viewpoint expressed by Christopher Seymour, Regional Development Director, Mott MacDonald. However, despite this optimistic perspective, he believes that there are areas that, if addressed, could help advance the industry. “MEP consultants and their contracting partners are already widely appreciated by most project sponsors,” he said. “However, this can be further enhanced by demonstrating that MEP consultants and contractors are truly part of the team, are part of the drive to embrace technology and ultimately are aligned with the clients need for greater efficiency.”

Seymour said that there continue to be “more opportunities in MEP engineering in terms of engaging with sustainable initiatives” and that doing so will bring about savings, both in terms of Carbon and cost. He commented that this is a positive turn, not only for the industry, in particular, but also for the status of engineering as a whole.

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