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Kriwan Italia reinforces position in Middle East market

Company says it aims to enlarge its customer base in the AC/R and motor manufacturers sector

| | Jul 4, 2017 | 1:05 pm
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Kriwan Italia continues to reinforce its position in the GCC region, with Paolo Molteni, General Manager (Italy and Middle East), saying that the company remains committed in its efforts to supply protection modules and oil regulators for refrigeration and air conditioning compressors with diagnostic and remote monitoring features, to the region. “We are exporting in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries,” he said.

Molteni stressed that the company’s sales mostly address trading companies and that it aims to expand its customer base in the AC/R and motor manufacturer companies. He added: “Kriwan is committed to offer the latest state [-of-the-art] technology in machine protection application. This includes electric motors, compressors and pumps. The protection, diagnostic and communication features are, and will be, embedded in current and future Kriwan products offering real tools for implementing Industry 4.0 and the save energy demand in a variety of applications.”

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