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Fujitsu launches Wi-Fi solution for its Airstage VRF systems

Device offers better controls to the end-user, says company official

| | Jul 26, 2017 | 10:49 pm
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Fujitsu has launched a new Wi-Fi solution for its Airstage VRF systems, offering users the facility of remotely operating the systems using handheld devices and computers, said Erin Mezle, Director of Marketing at Fujitsu General America.

Highlighting the features of the tool, Mezle said: “The Fujitsu Airstage VRF systems can now be controlled through the IntesisHome app, which can be accessed through either an Android or an iPhone. Additionally, users can access the app through its website and control the systems from a computer. A cloud server manages the entire process.”

Explaining how the solution works, Mezle added, “A wired device is installed near each unit, which controls its operation and communicates over Wi-Fi to the Internet router all the data of the system to the end-user.”

Highlighting the benefits of the tool, she added: “The end-user has a better control of the various functions of the HVAC system, which include scheduling of the cooling or heating of the room or building. It also allows the user to set the desired temperatures, and it provides instant alarm notifications and error reporting in several languages.”

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