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Design-build model the way forward

Approach is the procurement route of choice in coming years, says industry insider

| | Jul 11, 2017 | 12:13 pm
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The design-build model is expected to dominate in the GCC region in the coming years, over the traditional design-bid-build or design-tender model. Christopher Seymour, Regional Development Director of Mott MacDonald, expressed his firm opinion in this regard: “Design and Build, or adaptations of it, will become the procurement route of choice over the next few years.” Seymour emphasised that in light of this, the supply chain, in general, will need to become more proficient in understanding the roles of the various parties to enable more accurate pricing and apportionment of risk.

“Technology is at the ‘front of mind’ of most people in the industry,” he said, “but the industry is still some way from the level of adoption of BIM, in particular, being universal.” Seymour emphasised that currently, there is a lack of sufficient and widespread use of common data environment for project documentation. He noted that this is a vital aspect to ensure that the supply chain is able to address the needs of clients at greater speed, with better quality and in a more cost-effective manner, as demanded by the market today.

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