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Chemical toxicity in smoke is fatal for occupants: NAFFCO

UAE-headquartered company highlights the critical importance of smoke-management systems

| | Jul 25, 2017 | 8:05 am
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During a fire incident, people die more due to smoke inhalation, than burns; therefore, it is vital to install smoke-management systems apart from fire fighting systems, according to the National Fire Protection Association (Nationa, USA).

Mirroring the NFPA view, Imad Hishmeh, Department Head of NAFFCO Flow Control at NAFFCO Group, said: “Smoke-management systems are an essential apparatus for the safety of all building occupants because of the chemical toxicity present in the smoke, which can prove fatal for building occupants. With the installation of these specialised systems, the number of fatalities can be reduced.”

Elaborating on the dynamics of the technology, Hishmeh added: “HVAC equipment need to be integrated with smoke detection and management systems to sound an alert if any possible fire is about to break out from the system and to manage the smoke from the fire. As a specialised fire safety contractor, we can achieve this integration and provide its maintenance.

“Our product line of smoke-management systems include pressurisation systems, smoke-containment systems, smoke-extract fans and vents. These products are designed to offer full protection for building occupants in the eventuality of a fire.”

On the testing standards of NAFFCO fire safety products, Hismeh added: “As per regulations, we ensure that all our products meet the international standards set by the NFPA and other international standardisation bodies. The products are fire-tested and certified by specialised fire testing laboratories and by the Civil Defence authorities in UAE, and in the GCC region.”

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