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Bahrain offers clarity on GCC Low Voltage Regulation for ACs

Says enforcement of the regulation at the moment is limited to window and split air conditioners

| | Jul 2, 2017 | 1:05 pm
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The Bahrain Standards and Metrology Directorate has announced that the enforcement of the GCC Low Voltage Regulation for Air Conditioners is limited to window and split air conditioners with HS code 8415 10, Eurovent Middle East said in a statement issued in the end of June.

Lack of clarity and different interpretations of the regulation in GSO member states have resulted in blocked shipments, as manufacturers tried to comply, Eurovent Middle East added. In that context, the announcement from Bahrain is a welcome development.

Eurovent Middle East has been discussing with GSO, ESMA, the Bahrain Ministry of Industry and the EU Trade Delegations regarding the regulation and its implementation in several countries. “We are happy to see that our activities contributed to this rather quick reaction on behalf of the Bahrain government, which will bring more clarity for our manufacturers.” said Markus Lattner, Director of Eurovent Middle East.

The Directorate will enforce the GCC Low Voltage Regulation for other Air Conditioners, including ducted-split, rooftop package and multi-split systems at a later stage, the announcement further said.

Lattner said Eurovent Middle East will follow up and inform its members on any new developments. He also underlined the advantage of a joint industry approach. “Rather than calling in individually and upsetting people,” Lattner said, “we could put forward an official statement and ask for our position to be taken into consideration.”

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