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KIMMCO expects steady growth of glasswool insulation in the Middle East

Kuwait-based company expects product to significantly serve building insulation segment in the region

| | Jun 11, 2017 | 8:30 pm
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Glasswool is one of the most efficient and versatile thermal materials used in buildings and mediumtemperature industrial applications in the region, said Satish Vincent, Assistant Manager-Marketing & Communications, KIMMCO. “Glasswool is an efficient thermal and acoustic insulation besides having a good reaction to fire in comparison to other organic insulation materials, and it is preferred among modern consultants and specifiers,” he said. 

Speaking on the market growth of the product in Kuwait, Vincent said: “Modern construction requires quality and innovative products, considering the new developments in building construction technologies, and KIMMCO has been meeting the needs of the market with the supply of such products. With new building codes in place, which rightly recommend the use of noncombustible insulation materials, we expect glasswool to be a right contender to serve the building insulation segment.”

On projects in the region, Vincent said, “We are the sole insulation supplier for Masdar City, and we are proud to be associated in the construction of many iconic and landmark buildings, including the Burj Khalifa.”

Speaking on the challenges faced in the region, Vincent added: “New challenges bring new opportunities, and we feel it is the right time to move forward and standardise the insulation market as a whole. Other macroeconomics, like current volatile markets in this region, have forced many projects to be either deferred or dropped. Liquidity is also an issue that is faced by most of the segment in this region and even globally.”



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