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Is the HVAC industry embracing drone technology?

Is there sufficient interest to use them in inspecting rooftop units, for instance, in high-rise buildings in the GCC region?

| | Jun 27, 2017 | 2:50 pm
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Given the flexibility and unique accessibility that drones offer, a case can be made to use them in inspecting HVAC systems on rooftops in high-rise buildings. In that context, what’s the uptake? Ali Seto, Marketing Manager at Falcon Eye Drones, said that drones for the purpose have not gained the desired momentum.

Seto said, “If HVAC contractors use drone technology to inspect rooftops of high-rise buildings, they will be saving a lot of time and manpower costs to send their teams to physically inspect the equipment installed on high-rise building rooftops.”

Speaking on the benefits of adopting drone technology, he said: “There are different drones for various applications. If it is a general inspection then one can hire a standard zoom-camera drone, but in cases of specialised inspections for gas leaks or overheating of coils, one can use special infra-red camera drones, which give accurate information of the situation and pinpoint the exact location of the problem.”

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