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Bitzer expands BEST service tool

Software allows refrigeration and service engineers to operate all Bitzer IQ products with ease, company says

| | Jun 18, 2017 | 10:47 am
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Bitzer has expanded its BEST software tool, which provides users with a comprehensive overview of the operating status, configuration and troubleshooting of Bitzer compressors, frequency inverters and condensing units, the company said through a Press communiqué. BEST, Bitzer said, makes it much easier for service engineers to do their work, as it allows them to quickly and safely adjust device parameters, analyse errors, display data logs, update the firmware and more. Bitzer has updated the tool for commissioning, monitoring and servicing compressors and their electronic components, now available in version 2.8.

The new features include a more extensive range of data log functions for device logs, including the ability to display counters and statistics as well as an alarm message table, the company claimed.

Bitzer said it has integrated its newest reciprocating compressor range in the software. Users can select the company’s ECOLINE+ compressors for the external VARIPACK frequency inverters and the CM-RC-01 IQ modules, Bitzer added. In conjunction with the CM-RC-01 IQ module, it was also possible to expand the compressor application limits for the refrigerants R407A, R407F, R448A and R449A, Bitzer said. The refrigerants R452B and R454B have been added for the VARIPACK frequency inverters, whilst the desired compressors can now be entered and found using a search function. Bitzer said it has also expanded the frequency ranges of its CO2 and GSD6 compressors.

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