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Midea launches full DC inverter VRF system

Company says new product embodies its commitment to R&D

| | May 23, 2017 | 5:00 pm
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From L to R: Atta Al Rayyes, Product Manager at  TAQEEF ; Diya Alami,CAC Sales Director of TAQEEF; Peck Zhao and Dan Brown, CAC Middle East Regional Sales Manager at Midea, during the launch ceremony

Midea launched a new generation, full DC inverter V6 series VRF system in the UAE on April 26. The technology showcases a new set of features that reinforces the company’s commitment to improving existing technologies for greater efficiency, Midea said during the launch.

The system has a single-module outdoor unit at 38HP and a combination capacity of 128HP, according to certain customisations, the company said. The V6 also offers a 40% reduction in footprint, when compared with the previous series, and an EVI (Enhanced Vapour Injection) compressor, increasing the cooling capacity by 10% at 43 degrees C ambient temperature and the heating capacity by 26% at -15 degrees C ambient temperature, the company added. The plate heat exchanger serves as a secondary intercooler, helping the V6 gain up to 18 degrees C sub-cooling and improving energy efficiency by more than 10%, Midea said. The V6 promises to work within -25 degrees C to 54 degrees C, the company further added.

According to Midea, the V6 offers a length of up to 200 metres between the outdoor unit and the farthest indoor unit, and a maximum height difference of up to 110 metres, the typical distance of about 30 floors, making it applicable for a wide range of projects and developments.

“We want to create a better life for the human beings through efficiency,” said Peck Zhao, Senior Specialist of Marketing, Midea. He went on to discuss the vital role that air conditioning can have to promote the comfort of a space and, thus, increase the quality of life of consumers, both in the professional and personal sense.

Zhao asserted that Midea puts great value in the importance of R&D, not only with regard to developing new systems but also in line with the company’s long-term strategy to set new standards in the industry.

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