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Eurovent appoints Scuderi as Deputy Secretary-General

Move seen as a stepping stone for him to succeed the current Secretary-General, Felix Van Eyken, in the coming years.

| | May 23, 2017 | 11:03 am
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Francesco Scuderi

France, May 23: Francesco Scuderi has been named as Deputy Secretary-General of Eurovent (Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies). The appointment was announced during the association’s 60th annual meeting held on May 18 in Versailles, France.

Following his appointment, Scuderi said: “It is an honour for me to take on a leading role in Eurovent while supporting the unity and advanced technological developments of our HVACR industry in Europe and abroad. Eurovent is the most recognised European stakeholder for HVACR technologies, and the Eurovent brand is well known and respected around the globe.”

In the coming years, Scuderi is expected to succeed the current Secretary-General, Felix Van Eyken.

Van Eyken said: “With Scuderi as my future successor, I am convinced that our members have entered the right path towards a sustainable development. I also believe that he will enjoy the same trust and respect that I have built up over the past decades among our industry and authorities. Me aside, our team around Europe now has an age average of 34 years, and I am very happy to see the positive change and level of expertise this adds to our activities.”

Born in 1981, in Italy, Scuderi joined Eurovent in September 2015 as Technical and Regulatory Affairs Manager and Team Leader-Process Cooling and Food Cold Chain. Before joining the association, Eurovent said, Scuderi gained in-depth experience in the HVACR industry, during his stint with the EPTA Group (Italy), as Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs Engineer. According to Eurovent, he possesses an extensive knowledge of European Union decision-making and is a well-respected contact person for authorities. Scuderi is also the convenor of ISO/TC86/SC7/WG2 and CEN/TC44/WG6 commercial beverage coolers and ice cream freezers.

During the general meeting, Eurovent reportedly also introduced new procedures and lean measures to increase the association’s efficiency.


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