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Combatting IAQ concerns in different settings

UAE-based HAZMAT expert says there is a way out to address IAQ concerns in an effective manner

| | May 17, 2017 | 12:42 pm
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Expert studies have shown that combatting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is always a challenge owing to the complexities involved in different settings. “The challenge of enhancing IAQ in different settings can be resolved with the use of MDF-500,” said James Singeltary, Managing Director of R Squared and a certified HAZMAT expert.

Giving a brief background about MDF-500, Singeltary said: “The product was developed through an initiative by the US Department of Energy and Homeland Security in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories to counter chemical and biological warfare toxins. From eliminating mould in HVAC systems to eradicating odours in rooms and a broad range of harmful organisms, MDF-500 is a proven decontamination solution to enhance IAQ not just in industrial areas but also in residences, hospitals, schools and transportation systems.”

Singeltary pointed out that first responders, who attend to victims, could also greatly benefit from the product owing to its powerful decontamination properties.“When first responders attend to an accident scene and they are exposed to blood and other toxins, there is a high chance that they can be poisoned because of the bacteria present, but with MDF-500, they can de-contaminate the scene and even neutralise poisons in the area,” he said.

The product, Singeltary said, has been certified by the Dubai Municipality as well as the Dubai Health Authority.

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