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Carrier launches AquaForce air-cooled screw chiller in Middle East

The 30XV chiller utilises rotary screw compressor, designed and optimised specifically for variable frequency drive (VFD) operation, company says

| | May 21, 2017 | 9:40 am
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Carrier has introduced the AquaForce 30XV air-cooled screw chiller to the Middle East market. Speaking on the new technology, Mohammed Al Qaisi, General Manager, UTS Carrier, described it as highly versatile and energy efficient. “It includes a tiered capacity, offering from 140 to 500 tonnes (nominal) as well as a variety of innovative features,” Al Qaisi said.

Salman Zebian, Business Unit Manager, Commercial Systems & Controls, UTS Carrier, said that the 30XV features the variable frequency drive technology. It includes a rotary screw compressor, designed and optimised specifically for variable frequency drive (VFD) operation. This feature, he said, means that there will be no slide valve. The system, he said, would have reduced pulsation, lower noise and better efficiency.

Al Qaisi added that the 30XV has a significantly smaller footprint when compared with conventional designs, while maintaining IPLVs above 21 and fully meeting ASHRAE 90.1-2016 requirements. He also emphasised that the 30XV aims to address the ambient conditions of the UAE, as it is able to operate in ambient temperatures ranging between -29 and 55 degrees C.

Al Qaisi noted that as the product features an Aero Acoustic variable speed condenser fan design and software that facilitates low sound emissions, it is recommended for a wide range of applications, such as schools, hotels, data centres, offices and residential buildings. The product, he said, is also cost effective and has significant energy-saving properties.

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