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Araner seeks to reinforce its presence in the GCC region

Company expresses keenness to push its remote integrated condensation technology into the District Cooling space

| | May 15, 2017 | 9:45 pm
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Araner has expressed strong interest towards filling market gaps in the UAE, driven by Dubai’s commitment to increase the penetration of District Cooling in the coming years. Araner is a purveyor of remote integrated condensation technology, which the company claims, increases the efficiency of chillers and reduces the footprint and the overall cost of the total cooling plant.

“I think the UAE is moving very well in the District Cooling market,” Guillermo Martinez, Commercial Manager, Araner, said. “They are doing a lot of plants, and there are a lot of new developments. They are doing particularly well with regard to efficiency and in reducing electricity consumption and the environmental impact of any new building. I think they are on the way to becoming more and more sustainable.”

The remote integrated condensation technology, Martinez said, is a proven one in the industrial sector, particularly in power and gas. Araner said it has introduced the technology also into the residential and commercial sector through District Cooling.

Established in Europe, Araner has evolved to be an active player in the GCC region, the company said. Martinez confirmed that the Middle East is now the company’s main market and that it continues to concentrate on the region, as it comprises 80% of the company’s income, through projects and plants in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Oman.

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