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Why not wastewater for District Cooling?

Industry expert outlines how DC can help achieve long-term sustainability goals

| | Apr 10, 2017 | 11:05 am
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Dubai, UAE: Many Gulf countries are now looking to meet their long-term sustainable goals through innovative measures, said Mohannad Khader, Director, Business Development Department at Qatar Cool, and outlined how the latest District Cooling systems can play a vital role in helping countries achieve their strategic environmental objectives.

“Sustainable energy is about using energy wisely and using energy generated from clean sources and clean technologies,” Khader said, and added, “District Cooling is significantly more sustainable than conventional cooling, with 70% less electricity consumption. District cooling reduces energy consumption by almost half, as electricity consumption by air conditioning systems is estimated to peak up to 75% of the overall electricity consumption during summer months.”

Khader elaborated that District Cooling systems are now equipped to receive Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE), thus saving valuable potable water. “The cooling plants,” he said, “circulate the water through the system several times before being discarded, eliminating a ‘one-time use’ of the water.” He explained that the underground pipe distribution network to the customers is leak-proof and has a closed-circuit system, which ensures that the water is put back into the environment safely.

[The writer is the Features Writer of Climate Control Middle East.]

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