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Germany going the BIM way

Matthias Kasprowicz, Regional Managing Director of TROX, highlights the benefits of using the Building Information Modelling technology

| | Apr 5, 2017 | 8:11 pm
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Germany has led the way in adopting green practices, with ‘sustainability’ and ‘energy efficiency’ being the mantras for the government, businesses and consumers. Matthias Kasprowicz, Regional Managing Director, TROX, speaks on the trend of Building Information Modelling (BIM) that is fast catching up in the country.

He explains: “With BIM, buildings can be planned, built and managed with the aid of software. All the relevant building data is digitally recorded, combined and networked. This means that all the project partners are able to visualise the project, assess the design before it is actually implemented and draw on all current and relevant data directly and continuously. Interface and coordination problems can be illustrated right from the early stages of the project and then resolved. This saves considerable amounts of time, money and energy, and significantly improves scheduling, cost calculations and how the building is operated.”

Although there are a few challenges with this technology, Kasprowicz says that companies are slowly integrating the technology into their offices to become more energy-efficient.

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