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Gen Next HVACR businesses in India form a group

Aim to establish bigger footprint in the Middle East and globally, members reveal to Climate Control Middle East

| | Apr 5, 2017 | 5:54 pm
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The Gen 2.0 of HVACR businesses in India, some of whom already have a substantial presence in the GCC region, are looking to come together as a group for informal chats to swap notes on the sector’s business scenario in the region, Climate Control Middle East has learnt.

“The HVACR Gen 2.0 is a group, whose members are the second generation of family businesses in India in the field of HVACR,” said Varun Pahwa, speaking to Climate Control Middle East. “The members are a mix of consultants, contractors and suppliers.”

Sharing their initial thoughts, a few members of the informal group said that they are chalking out a programme to get those interested to start contributing ideas on the aims and objectives and what the group can collectively accomplish.

The rationale behind forming the group is two-fold, they revealed: Within India, they want to get to know each other better, as the aspiring members have inherited the industry and have a lot in common in terms of background and knowledge from Gen 1.0, as their parents have worked together. They therefore believe that forging new bonds and reinforcing old ones among the next generation could prove rewarding, both for the members individually, and the HVAC industry as a whole.

Secondly, they want to turn their gaze on the industry globally, by networking with family HVACR businesses in the Middle East and Africa region, as well as Europe, South and South East Asia, to have future alliances, partnerships, assistance for market entry and opportunities, both for services and products through closer and frequent introductions and contacts with like-minded people and/or businesses, and have access to country-specific HVACR market and knowhow.

The long-term goal of the group reportedly is to, as SMEs, organise programmes to assist and inspire growth and build on the foundation laid by Gen 1.0 and enjoy the growth India is touted to witness through 2025 and 2030, establish ‘Brand India in the HVACR space and encourage ‘Make in India’ through potential alliances.

The avowed lofty aims of the group also include encouraging best business practices, products and services and set the bar high.

“In April, members of the HVACR Gen 2.0 will be meeting in the Indian state of Goa,” Pahwa informed. “The group plans to meet again during The Big 5 Dubai 2017. Considering that many of the businesses have a strong presence in the Middle East, we want to have a Middle East group going,” Pahwa said, and added: “There’s no structure to the group. Business is not the driving force. It’s about the future of the industry and how we can shape it together. We are in it for life.”

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