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Can energy efficiency be integrated with affordable cooling?

Decisions need to be taken at the design stage, says expert

| | Apr 17, 2017 | 11:29 am
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When it comes to integrating energy efficiency in the affordable cooling segment, it opens up a Pandora’s box of challenges, believe MEP experts.

“The way to go forward is in the design itself, and choosing the right application for the right project,” said Dr Ramiz Babus’Haq, Deputy General Manager of Hydro Engineering Consultants.

He revealed that there are several projects that use different applications, but none of them uses the right technology and compromise because of the price.

Elaborating further on the challenges, Dr Babus’Haq said: “Building design is the main challenge for MEP engineers, because one is forced to choose certain applications, rather than the needed application, since architects design buildings with little room to deal with. So, whether it is air cooling, water cooling or space to put in any equipment, one is forced to use a system that is not best for energy efficiency.”

The main players in this field are MEP consultants, because they can offer the best advice to the chief consultant, architect and client on which would be the appropriate system for the project, along with guidance on regulations, since they have domain knowledge, said Dr Babus’Haq. “However,” he added, “all of this means nothing, if it is not decided on day one, rather than during the middle of the project or at the end.”

Energy efficiency is usually ignored, as the tendency is to reduce capital costs, especially when it comes to integrating it with affordable cooling solutions, Dr Babus’Haq pointed out, and added, “This needs to be taken into consideration when planning a project, because these factors do impact the environment.”

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