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Why implementing Soft Landings Framework is important

The strategic solution bridges performance gap between design intentions and operational results by augmenting consultants’ database

| | Mar 21, 2017 | 4:35 pm
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Dubai, UAE: What happens to construction projects after its handover? How do consultants or contractors learn from their projects? Can Soft Landings Framework be implemented in this region? These are questions that need to be addressed.

Hassan Younes of UAE-based MEP firm, Griffin Consultants

Hassan Younes, Director at Griffin Project Development Consultants, said that the Soft Landings Framework is a process that helps consultants achieve better results, especially after the project is completed. This is because, under the framework, consultants are committed to monitoring the project for one or two years after the handover, thus giving them data that can be used to improve their expertise and future projects.

Younes pointed out that several factors, such as energy efficiency and the functionality of the HVAC equipment are monitored during this period, and the data collected become an excellent resource. He said, “While it is up to the consultants to offer the Soft Landings Framework as an option, it is ultimately up to the clients to accept it, since many customers do see this as an added cost due to the additional burden of fees, such as the Estidama and Green Building costs.”

Younes further suggested, “Engineering and consultant communities should consider advertising this option to clients, because it is a win-win situation for themselves as well as for the customer, since the data revealed from the Soft Landings Framework is helpful for engineers and consultants in their future projects.” He, however, added, “The cost needs to be worked out between the two parties.”

On the possibility of it becoming a GCC regional policy, he said, “Since this concept was developed in the UK, hence authorities will take some time to implement it as a policy in the region.”

Younes further added that as a company, Griffin Project Development Consultants has recently offered the Soft Landings Framework option for a new project, and they have successfully completed two months, and that it will last for approximately another eight months.

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