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When will UAE embrace R452A?

Incentive necessary to promote environmentally friendly option, says expert

| | Mar 22, 2017 | 1:45 pm
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Dubai, UAE: R452A offers a global warming potential (GWP) half of R404A, however, at almost double the cost. This being the case, companies in the Gulf region are in no hurry to embrace this new environmentally friendly option. “Less than one per cent,” said Prakash Krishnamoorthy, Network and Parts Development Manager at Carrier Transicold, when asked what the penetration of this Green choice is in the UAE.

Though companies, such as Carrier Transicold are trying to promote it, the availability of more budget-friendly refrigerants continue to turn people off from this pricier option.

Paul McGarrigle, Strategic Account Manager Middle East & Africa at Thermo King, affirms this, saying, “Although it is a standard in Europe, it is not currently a standard for the Middle East for the very reason that availability is not high at the moment.” He explained, “Nobody is obliged to use it at the moment, so the suppliers haven’t brought it in the region.”

In Europe, the use of refrigerants has been regulated, which has made R452A a necessity, not a luxury. Thermo King continues to advocate the use of R452A in the UAE, actively reaching out to Dubai Municipality, as well as to other government entities and decision-makers, to help incentivise its use by highlighting its long-term benefits to the environment, McGarrigle revealed, and added, “I think the Municipality has the right mentality, and they want to introduce process and legislation. As of today, we are still in the early stage of supporting them.”

Thermo King, said McGarrigle, remains confident that with proper guidance, in the next few years, R452A can be the new standard for the region. And as for the price, he believed that the volume that comes with increased demand will make the refrigerant more accessible cost-wise.


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