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The Energy Budget – a book pointing to gradual environmental sustainability

In his new book, George Berbari, the CEO of DC PRO Engineering, carves out a radical path towards energy efficiency

| | Mar 14, 2017 | 8:10 pm
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L-R: B Surendar, Editorial Director & Associate Publisher, CPI Industry; George Berbari, CEO, DC PRO
Engineering and Frederic Paille, Managing Director & Associate Publisher, CPI Industry

Dubai, UAE: “Global warming has always been a complex problem, and it is way beyond the understanding of engineers or politicians to explain it to ordinary people. Hence, I have translated this critical issue for commoners, and offered a common solution,” said George Berbari, author of The Energy Budget, and CEO of DC PRO Engineering, at the launch of the book on March 2, in Dubai, UAE.

Written against the backdrop of the environment being burdened with misuse of energy resources, with no clear or common approach towards environmental sustainability, The Energy Budget demonstrates Berbari’s passion for offering critical solutions towards the problem. He says, “It is only over the years I developed a singular common solution for global warming, and we can self-finance it by developing an energy budget in every city and country, and across the world.”

In his opening remarks at the event, B Surendar, Editor, Climate Control Middle East, and editor of the book, said: “George is a rare mind that seeks out solutions in a structured and contemplative way. His is a mind that ponders over social, economic and environment-related issues, always briskly weeding out myths and perceptions to reveal the facts. I appreciate this rare approach to intellectual pursuit, and it is this that shines bright in The Energy Budget.”

Speaking to Climate Control Middle East on the sidelines of the event, Ashraf Abdalla, Vice President and General Manager (Middle East and Africa), Johnson Controls, said: “This is a good reference book, which represents the region, and it will help us to educate our budding engineers, because as an industry, we tend to transfer models from other regions, which could be good but, it may require certain customisation to fit the regional ambient profile. Hence this book will contribute immensely in sending the message across, because this is not just about cost but it is also about saving the environment.”

Raphael Khlat, CEO of Faisal Jassim, added, “The figures that George speaks of are scary, and governments need to implement initiatives towards this complex problem of global warming, and I believe that this book can be used to achieve the environmental goals.”

In conclusion, Berbari said, “Through this book, I offer a message of hope that we will not fail in this mission, and we will prevail. However, we do need to accept change, and soon.”

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