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Real-time Monitoring and Management Systems: A solution to food safety

Krish Saxena of Trimac Inc lists the advantages of using Real-time Monitoring and Management Systems to monitor cold rooms

| | Mar 27, 2017 | 7:44 pm
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As more awareness is being created about the perils of food contamination due improper storage during the cold chain process, the food industry is employing advanced solutions to prevent the same. One such technology that can help monitor as well as apply diagnostics from a remote location is the Real-time Monitoring and Management Systems (RMMS), says Krish Saxena of Trimac Inc.

The system, Krish says, allows two-way communication where a user can remotely monitor the controller in the cold room using a smart device with an Internet connection, in addition to performing diagnostics to prevent the food from getting spoilt. The system, Saxena reveals, gives the user access to historical data from the controller, such as temperature, pressure, RH, voltage, current, EEV, superheat and status of compressor, evaporator fans, defrost, condenser fans, door and lights. Users, he further says, can change the parameters as maybe necessary to provide optimum temperature for food storage, thus preventing unnecessary trips to the location. In the event of emergency, Saxena adds, it will alert the user who can try to rectify the issue remotely, and if it cannot be resolved, “remote diagnostics can allow service personnel to be more productive, and carry only the necessary spare parts and tools before heading to the site”.

Additionally, with access to data, the user can identify areas in the system where energy can saved, leading to cost savings and energy efficiency. “For the company as a whole,” Krish says “increased energy savings can contribute towards its LEED certification and HACCP compliance.”

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