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Outsourcing is the way forward

District Cooling companies need to explore the option of outsourcing the O&M services of a plant, says Dan Mizesko, Managing Partner of Al Shirawi US Chiller Services

| | Mar 21, 2017 | 8:25 pm
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Dubai, UAE: Outsourcing the operations and maintenance (O&M) services of District Cooling plants to chiller specialist companies can help optimise resources, says Dan Mizesko, the Managing Partner of Al Shirawi US Chiller Services. Noting that the practice of outsourcing has not caught up in the GCC region, Mizesko explains some of the benefits:

  • Contracting the District Cooling services to outside agencies offers the benefit of professional resources who deal with on a regular basis, and therefore better equipped.
  • With outsourcing comes the benefit of getting the job done by experts from a specialist chiller services company, something lacking in-house.
  • The service providers can even set and monitor performance and goals, and tailor their approach as necessary.
  • In the event of any service-related errors or error at the time of operation, the service company would cover any and all equipment damage.
  • The in-house staff may lack expertise in the case of a breakdown of any of the components, which can cause time to be wasted in identifying and fixing the issue, resulting in considerable loss. With outsourcing, O&M service companies will have resources like supervisors and management to resolve the issue at the earliest possible.

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