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Leakage in ducts – a silent parasite

How manufactures support sustainable development goals by minimising leaks

| | Mar 21, 2017 | 1:10 pm
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Dubai, UAE: Leakage in air ducts leads to both energy wastage and higher costs. As such, it negatively impacts the over-all sustainability goals of a country. Many manufacturers are therefore looking to enhance the quality of ducts to ensure the safety and efficiency of buildings utilising their products.

Vivek Unnithan, Consulting Engineer at Prime Air Conditioning Industries, commented on this: “The problems we encounter with ducts with leakage is with insulation. Usually, we find the leakage at the seams of the ducts and the flange system. With rectangular duct systems, we encounter the problems in this area. We can’t quantify it; it’s not something people look at. But with international Green Building, people should be putting their efforts towards minimising it.”

Unnithan also provided insight into how Prime Air Conditioning is addressing this issue: “What we do for Prime [Air Conditioning] is, we provide spiral ducting. As we have a specific factory-mounted ceiling strip that makes the duct system easier to install and it reduces leakage as an additional benefit, because it creates a bubble. The ceiling strip is composed of EPDM rubber, which ensures an airtight and lasting seal. In addition, it has excellent heat, ozone and weather resistance. The second company, Focus Air Conditioning, has this new flange system tested by the BSRIA laboratory in the UK, and it complies with DW144 standards. Because it is a certified product, we enhance the focus on minimising leakage in this area.”

It is evident that ensuring the efficiency of a product helps ensure the competency of the system, and ultimately contributes to the over-all sustainable development of a country.

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