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Is hollow core slab technology suitable for GCC region?

Greater cooperation among engineers, consultants and authorities needed

| | Mar 20, 2017 | 3:15 pm
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Dubai, UAE: Hollow core slab technology can play a vital role in the thermal comfort of a development. However, is it able to withstand the harsh conditions of the GCC region? Kandasamy Anbalagan, Managing Partner at Proleed, expressed his optimism in this regard: “It’s feasible and there are successful insulations carried out by this technology within the region. They have done it in Saudi Arabia and Muscat, and it has been done in Dubai also for an office building.”

While highlighting the energy efficiency feature of this technology, Kandasamy shared his insight on challenges that prevent its widespread use: “First thing in my opinion is the challenges related to structural integration of the hollow core technology. It has to be understood by structural engineers and architects.” He also pointed to the aesthetic limitation that comes with including this technology in the design process, affirming that proper execution would not be possible without the close coordination of architects, structural engineers and MEP specialists.

The second challenge that Kandasamy observed is the mood of resistance due to lack of approval from authorities, as it is still a relatively new technology, “I’m talking from the point of view of consultants,” he said. “Unless this system is accepted by authorities, we cannot propose it in future projects. But it’s being taken up by manufacturers. If it gets approved by authorities, we have no objections to including it.”

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