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‘Building owners are noticing the challenges with equipment running on HCFCs’

New refrigerants looks promising, however, the flammability factor is a concern, says Ashraf Abdalla, Vice President and General Manager (Middle East and Africa) of Johnson Controls,

| | Mar 29, 2017 | 7:46 pm
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Industries and governments across the world have charted courses on the phase-down and phase-out of HCFCs based on the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. Countries are drafting regulations that businesses must adhere to while producing and manufacturing products that use refrigerants.

What has been the response of building owners to HCFC phase-out schedules in the Middle East region? Ashraf Abdalla, Vice President and General Manager (Middle East and Africa) of Johnson Controls, answers:

“In our region, as well, building owners are starting to see the challenges with equipment running on HCFCs, such as R22 and R123. New alternatives look promising, but are classified as A2L, or mildly flammable. This introduces challenges for our industry, which lacks guidance on how to safely apply them in commercial applications – or if they are even permitted. These are unique challenges for our industry, and it is still early in the evolution process. While we remain committed as an industry to find appropriate solutions, we cannot lose sight on the impact of energy efficiency on the environment, and its dominant role in greenhouse gases. And, we need to investigate how the new class of mildly flammable, A2L, refrigerants can be used safely.”

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