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Artificial Intelligence – is the HVACR sector catching up?

Lack of will, awareness and training could be roadblocks

| | Mar 19, 2017 | 4:35 pm
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Vijay Kumar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a key role in enhancing the functionality of HVACR systems, mainly because of the data it shares so that appropriate action can be carried out. However, the big challenge is, are we progressing fast enough to catch up with Artificial Intelligence?

“Artificial Intelligence has been around for 20 years, however, before it can be used, it needs implementation,” said Vijay Kumar, President – International at Cylon Controls. He pointed out that the lack of growth for its use is mainly due to lack of awareness about it. Kumar added that although Artificial Intelligence is available for different systems, such as the Building Management System (BMS) and HVACR system, yet there does not seem to be a will to implement it aggressively. In conclusion, Kumar cited the lack of training as the main reason for failure in deploying Artificial Intelligence in the HVACR sector.


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