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‘Meeting Kigali Amendment targets needs a holistic approach from the HVACR industry’

Steve Yurek, President of AHRI, shares his views on the consequences of the amendment on the industry.

| | Feb 7, 2017 | 7:40 pm
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Dubai, UAE: Recently, the European Commission adopted a proposal for the European Union (EU) to ratify the amendment to the Montreal Protocol on a global phase-down of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), in the backdrop of the Kigali Amendment, last year.

Steve Yurek, President of AHRI, shared his views on the ramifications of the amendment on the global HVACR industry and what would be the outcomes. “We have seen a lot of change already,” said Yurek. “The change the industry will have in terms of technology and the opportunities between now and the first phase-down date is going to be significant. We are going to see big change, and with that arises a need to make sure we do it right. It is not going to be only A2 countries but also A5, and we need to work together. No more will we have the ability to work on our own. It’s about not only using environmentally safe refrigerants; it’s also about not harming the environment by using more energy. It has got to be a holistic approach.”

Several businesses have welcomed the amendment and have set in motion plans to develop products that will comply with the regulations set by respective governments and independent bodies.

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