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‘HVACR industry needs to be receptive towards digital developments’

Felix Van Eyken, Secretary General of Eurovent association, throws light on the key issues facing the HVACR industry.

| | Feb 1, 2017 | 10:01 pm
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Dubai, UAE: Even as the HVACR industry has made considerable progress overtime, thanks to the governments introducing stricter regulations and legislations, associations and independent bodies framing guidelines and standards for companies to comply with, issues continue to plague the industry. Felix Van Eyken, Secretary General of Eurovent association, shares his views on the problems facing the HVACR sector in the GCC region and across the globe.

Identifying one such issue, Van Eyken says that ensuring good indoor air quality is the “core” issue highlighted in the association’s Statement of Principles. Speaking specifically about the GCC region, he says that the issue of manufacturers misusing the term ‘indoor air quality’ for marketing purpose has come to the association’s notice, and it needs to be addressed at the earliest.

“Secondly,” Van Eyken says, “energy and environmental efficiency is and will remain one of our core issues. Our association shapes the development and evolution of legislation, such as ecodesign regulations, which require manufacturers to decrease the energy consumption of their products by establishing minimum energy efficiency requirements.”

Lastly, Van Eyken draws attention to the need for accepting digitisation in the sector, as the HVACR industry has now gone beyond just equipment. “Smart technologies, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things are keywords in this context. The industry needs to be as receptive as possible towards all kinds of digital developments,” he says.

Equipment operation and maintenance is now possible through technology. Embracing digitisation and utilising its potential can increase efficiency and cut costs to run projects.

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