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Bernd Kaltenbrunner is the new executive-board chairman at eurammon

Kaltenbrunner is replacing Monika Witt

| | Jan 30, 2017 | 2:53 pm
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Bernd Kaltenbrunner; image courtesy: eurammon

Frankfurt, Germany: eurammon has announced that its executive board has elected Bernd Kaltenbrunner, Managing Director of KWN Engineering, as the new chairman. He will chair the joint initiative of companies, institutions and individuals that are committed to using natural refrigerants, said the announcement.

Since 2014, Kaltenbrunner, the announcement said, has been the vice-chairman of the board and has managed the initiative’s technical committee. As the new chairman, Kaltenbrunner will be committed to continuing to drive the goals of eurammon forward. “Above all,” Kaltenbrunner said, “our initiative’s international network is an important premise to expand the worldwide use of natural refrigerants – together with experts from various countries and regions – as a joint effort to consolidate important know-how concerning fields of application and conditions of use, as well as allow this information to flow into the range of training offers for specialized personnel.”

eurammon said Kaltenbrunner is replacing Monika Witt, who has been the head of the executive board since 2006. Witt, it added, will continue to contribute her experience together with executive board members, Thomas Spänich, Mark Bulmer and George Hoeterickx.

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