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BSRIA launches its Blue Book for 2017 with key industry information

The book provides facts and figures about Building Services, financial and VAT information, among others.

| | Dec 28, 2016 | 12:19 pm
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Berkshire, United Kingdom: BSRIA has announced launching ‘The BSRIA Blue Book for 2017′. According the association, the book contains industry information, including key contacts, conversation data, key performance indicators, market statistics, and legislation and financial information. It added that BSRIA’s services, training courses and current publications have also been covered in the book.

The association revealed that its annual databook for 2017 provides facts and figures about Building Services, contact details of key BSRIA experts, covers the association’s networks and events, financial and VAT information, annual building running costs and tables of technical data to help every business in the industry. It added that a section on Brexit has also been included

Jayne Sunley, BSRIA’s Information & Knowledge Manager, said, “The BSRIA Blue Book is worth its weight in gold and vital for industry nuggets of information: we urge you to get hold of a copy.”


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