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Eurovent association launches Eurovent Middle East

Markus Lattner is the Director of Eurovent Middle East

| | Oct 30, 2016 | 1:34 pm
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Markus Lattner

Markus Lattner

Brussels, Belgium: The Eurovent association has launched the Eurovent Middle East issue group, which, the announcement said, will act as the representative of Eurovent members based in/or active in the Middle East region. Founding members, the announcement informed, constitute more than 15 manufacturers and related organisations that are going to jointly undertake advocacy, marketing, and trade-related activities throughout the region.

The setup of Eurovent Middle East, the association said, constitutes reportedly the first multinational platform of its kind for the Gulf region. The group, the association further said, highlights the increasing importance of the Middle East markets for Eurovent members, and follows requests to handle this region in a regional framework outside the European-oriented framework of the Eurovent association in Brussels. It aims to jointly contribute to a lower energy demand, improved food safety, and work towards a better indoor air quality (IAQ) in the Middle East, added the association.

“We are glad to see that our initiative has received so many positive responses and is supported and backed by a wide range of key players from all HVACR areas,” said Markus Lattner, the newly assigned Director of Eurovent Middle East. “Over the past two years, our team has listened carefully to the market and observed the need for an initiative that contributes to a regional level-playing field while raising awareness on state-of-the-art HVACR solutions.”

Lattner added: “While the group wants to overcome misperceptions existing on some markets, it also aims to raise awareness on forward-thinking legislative and standardisation approaches. At Eurovent, we have made extensive experiences with the development of energy-related component, product and system legislation over the past years that we would like to share with the market. We want to contribute to the region considering approaches that allow a wide range of stakeholders to play a major part in the region’s success based on the best available technologies.”

Lattner, the association informed, has more than 10 years of business experience in emerging markets, with a key focus on the Middle East region. More information on Eurovent Middle East and all the founding members can be found at www.eurovent.me, added the association.

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