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BSRIA urges the industry to step up measures regarding IAQ

Association highlights the importance of proper ventilation in controlling moisture in a room to prevent mould growth

| | Oct 20, 2016 | 2:13 pm
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Berkshire, United Kingdom: According to a statement issued by BSRIA, the association has urged the industry to take responsibility regarding indoor air quality (IAQ), when experts spoke at September’s AGM in London.

Speaking at the meeting, Chris Knights, BSRIA Compliance Manager, said: “Indoor Air Quality in buildings is closely linked to the health of its occupiers. A study by the National Institute for Health and Welfare reveals that exposure to indoor pollutants is linked to reduce life expectancy and burden of disease, 57 per cent of the burden relates to cardiovascular, 23 per cent to lung cancer and 12 per cent to Asthma.

“The UK is amongst the highest in the world. The study suggests improved ventilation could improve the burden of disease by up to 38 per cent.”

Highlighting that the key to mould control is moisture control, BSRIA advised that system resistance must be considered, along with other services sharing the space, providing detailed product specifications. The ventilation strategy, it added, must be in line with the design air permeability.

Referring to the Building Regulations requirement F1 (1), Knights said: “There shall be adequate means of ventilation provided for people in the building. Buildings can affect our wellbeing. Light, thermal comfort, IAQ, odours and acoustic comfort must be considered at the design stage.”

He noted that that the current system being applied is failing. “It is one based upon trust,” he added, “a trust that is being abused, and as a result, the unknowing occupier is being subjected to a non-compliant property.”

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