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TROX introduces online tool to calculate economic efficiency of fine dust filters

The Life Cycle Cost (LCC) tool will help users understand how energy-efficient the fine dust filters are in operation

| | Sep 26, 2016 | 4:23 pm
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Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany: TROX has announced developing a Life Cycle Cost (LCC) tool in order to calculate the economic efficiency of fine dust filters on the basis of Eurovent energy efficiency classification. With the aid of their individual usage data, customers, the company said, have the option of selecting the filter that offers the highest level of economic efficiency compared to other filters in terms of investment, energy and maintenance costs.

Explaining the purpose of developing the tool, the company said that in commercial environments, between 10 and 20% of electrical energy is consumed in Europe for powering fans in room air conditioning systems, of which, one-third of the energy requirement alone is required to overcome the flow resistance of the filters used. Elaborating further, it said that previously, it was only possible to assess filters based on how effectively they removed particles from the air and not in terms of how energy-efficient they are in operation.

The costs calculator for TROX filters, the company said, allows users to find out what energy costs various filters incur over time. Users, the company explained, must enter the volume flow rate in m³/h in a room air conditioning system at www.trox.de/en/lcc, which then provides the annual energy costs in euros per energy efficiency class. The costs calculator filter calculates the energy costs of the filter of a room air conditioning system, as well as the savings potential at the click of a button, the company added.

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