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Trane expands its UniTrane portfolio of fan coil units

Company says all ranges are Eurovent-certified and are compliant with the European Energy-related Products Directive (ErP)

| | Sep 4, 2016 | 7:29 pm
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Brussels, Belgium: Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has announced expanding the UniTrane portfolio of fan coil units, with the addition of the new W-Line range of hi-wall fan coil units, and upgrading D-Line and B-Line, the two new ductable ranges that are more compact and concealed, delivering higher capacity and lower noise.

The new solutions, the announcement said, meet the expectations of building owners and managers, particularly in the hotel, office and retail sectors, who are looking for ways to lower rising energy costs and reduce their total cost of ownership. The announcement added that all ranges are Eurovent-certified and compliant with the European Energy-related Products Directive (ErP).

Trane provided the following specifications of the new ranges:

W-Line: Hi-Wall range

Easy to install and use, just like a standard fan coil, the UniTrane W-Line is a high-wall unit available in four sizes and many different configurations. With capacities ranging from 1.2 kW to 3.8 kW, its modular design allows for mounting two-way or three-way valves and the condensate pump into the casing, without any impact on performance and footprint. The W-Line is available with wired wall control, infrared remote control, MB electronic board for Modbus management and electric heating coil.

D-Line: Concealed ducted range

The model is flexible and suitable for use in ductwork with up to 80 Pa of available static pressure. Available in four different casings and both two-pipe and four-pipe versions, the D-Line extends up to 8 kW of cooling capacity and 10 kW of heating capacity, with the possibility to add up to two additional rows for heating or cooling.

With airflow ranging from 375 m³/h to 2220 m³/h, the D-Line offers customers: Reduced noise by up to 6 dB(A) compared to legacy products, 20% smaller footprint compared to legacy products and up to 80% energy savings with DFE models, due to its efficient EC motor.

B-Line: Concealed ducted range for high ESP applications

The B-Line models are suitable for applications demanding higher capacities and up to 425 Pa of available static pressure. All models are offered as two-pipe or four-pipe versions as a standard factory-mounted solution. This range offers:

  • Airflow ranges from 1000 m³/h to 7500 m³/h
  • Cooling capacity from 4 to 33 kW
  • Heating capacity from 6 to 61 kW

“At Trane we’re innovating not only to keep up with market trends but to outpace them and be one step ahead in meeting our customers’ needs,” said Dominique Silva, Unitary Product Manager at Trane in Europe. “Expanding our UniTrane portfolio means bringing our customers choices that will suit their applications combining high performance with optimal comfort whether it is a hotel, an office or a retail store.”

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