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Eurovent to host specialist forum during Chillventa 2016

Association will be introducing what it is claiming as the first European thermal performance efficiency standard for evaporative cooling equipment at the forum

| | Sep 13, 2016 | 2:20 pm
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Brussels, Nuremberg: During Chillventa 2016 in Nuremberg, the Eurovent Product Group ‘Evaporative Cooling Equipment’ will host a specialist forum on October 11, 2016, to launch and introduce purportedly the first European thermal performance efficiency standard for evaporative cooling equipment (cooling towers), according to a communiqué issued by Eurovent. It added that the forum will be hosted from 14:00 to 14.40 hours in Hall 9, Booth 9-531.

The Product Group, the communiqué revealed, is dedicated to evaporative cooling equipment and home to European manufacturers.

The communiqué said that the scheme has been developed over the past 14 months in a joint effort by more than 10 cooling tower manufacturers that account for a joint market share of more than 90% in the EU28. Elaborating further, it said that the dedicated specialist forum during the Chillventa will, amongst others, introduce the background, scope and outline of the new performance and efficiency rating standard, thermal energy efficiency definitions and targets, thermal testing and uncertainty calculations, efficiency target verification, and tools for an effective efficiency verification.

“As a response to the ongoing revision of the EU Fan Regulation, which so far does not rightly account for thermal efficiencies, and as a reaction to the ongoing discussion throughout Europe on cooling tower efficiencies, we are happy to present a joint industry response as a first major step to tackle these issues,” said Georg Mager, Senior Project Manager Evaporative Cooling at Eurovent. “The major players of this industry have jointly developed a Eurovent standard, which sets strong minimum thermal energy efficiency targets underlining their energy efficiency ideals.”

Eurovent’s independent subunit, Eurovent Certita Certification, the communiqué added, will in parallel run a ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ scheme for cooling towers in cooperation with CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) in the USA – ensuring that the published efficiency data matches the real performance.


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