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Carel’s executive appointed president of the Thai Refrigeration Association

Komsan Sripavatakul is the Managing Director of Carel (Thailand)

| | Sep 25, 2016 | 11:34 am
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Brugine, Padova: Italy-based Carel, which offers control solutions for HVAC systems, has announced that Komsan Sripavatakul, Managing Director of Carel (Thailand), has been appointed as the president of the Thai Refrigeration Association (TRA) for 2016-2018. The objective of his two-year governance, the announcement said, will be to “Enhance the Thai Refrigeration Industry, so as to be the Leader in ASEAN”.

According to the company, the Thai Refrigeration Association (TRA) was founded in 1992, and is a national non-profit organisation representing approximately 200 members from the refrigeration industry in Thailand, including manufacturers, contractors, consultants, end-users, suppliers and related business. TRA, the company said, has been actively involved in supporting its members in the enhancement and development of the refrigeration industry, bringing together people from the entire industry and giving them a central forum to help them accomplish their common goal of making progress and achieving success.

Commenting on the appointment, Sripavatakul, said: “It is my great honor to be appointed as President of TRA. The committee and I will continue to work, serve and connect our members to develop and sustain our thriving business community. Thailand is the ‘kitchen of the world’, and needs a lot of what the refrigeration industry has to offer, such as cold rooms, supermarkets, showcases, bottle coolers, ice machines, etc. Therefore, TRA intends to play a crucial role in leading the refrigeration industry to achieve this milestone. Finally, I would like to thank the TRA members and committees for their great support.”

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