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Yusen Logistics opens distribution facility with temperature-controlled storage in Cambodia

The cold storage facility will handle the processing and distribution of chilled and frozen goods.

| | Aug 16, 2016 | 9:23 am
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Cambodia-based Yusen Logistics has announced establishing one of the country’s largest temperature-controlled distribution centres in Phnom Penh. The facility, the announcement said, strengthens Yusen Logistics distribution network in Asia and will support Cambodia’s growing demand for warehouse storage for imported general consumer goods, and chilled and frozen goods. Furthermore, the company will be offering the country’s first consolidated delivery service in Phnom Penh for retailers and wholesalers, it added.

The 3000-square-metre facility, the announcement revealed, has almost double the capacity of the existing warehouse, which included the 120-cubic-metre temperature-controlled storage area. The expansion will enable the company to handle the storage, processing and distribution of chilled and frozen goods with quality assurance and compliance, it added.

The company informed that the consolidated delivery service will be available to customers in Phnom Penh on a daily basis, excluding weekends, and added that it will also provide the same service for chilled and frozen goods using cold-storage boxes and will ensure product quality is maintained up to the point of delivery.

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