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SPX FLOW introduces CombiTherm Plus pump for transfer of hot oil and hot water

Company says that the pump can be used in applications, such as chemical processing, asphalt/bitumen and tar processing, steam generators, heat recovery systems and others.

| | Aug 1, 2016 | 4:12 pm
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SPX FLOW pumpCharlotte, North Carolina, United States: Manufacturer of pumping solutions, SPX FLOW has announced introducing CombiTherm Plus pump, which provides safe and efficient transfer of hot oil or hot water without the need for additional, external cooling systems. The pump, the announcement said, keeps fluid temperatures uniform to ensure processes are efficient and predictable.

Giving details, the company revealed that the design of the pump provides enhanced cooling, using optimised cooling fans and large fins to keep the temperature around the shaft sealing below 220 degrees F (104.4 degrees C) even at high process temperatures of up to 660 degrees F (348.8 degrees C), while the heavy duty centrifugal pump is centreline-mounted, allowing thermal expansion without affecting shaft alignment. The company also mentioned that pump is available in hot oil and hot water configurations, with the hot water model being equipped with a steam eliminator on the seal chamber.

Furthermore, the company said that the combination of low temperature and perfect alignment protects seals and bearing, in addition to the seal being easy to position and assemble for maintenance. To prevent the grease from being washed out of the ball bearings, in case of a mechanical seal failure, the bearings, the company highlighted, are protected with two separate seals and an open drain. The company added that the pump is designed to handle high pressure throughout their flow range, and has an open quench system with visual level indication and optional remote leakage detection.

SPX FLOW informed that the pump can be used in a wide range of applications, including injection moulding, chemical processing, asphalt/bitumen and tar processing, deep frying systems, steam generators, fuel heaters and heat recovery systems. It added that the pumps are available for flows up to 1330 GPM, and comprises nine sizes in both hot water and hot oil model configurations to match many different application needs.

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