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LG launches SmartThinQ Hub and sensor in Korea

Company says that it aims to revitalise the IoT market by launching products specifically for smart homes

| | Aug 1, 2016 | 5:00 pm
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Korea: LG Electronics (LG) has announced launching the SmartThinQ sensor and the SmartThinQ Hub in the Korean market with an aim to expand into the emerging smart home industry. While the SmartThinQ sensor can be attached to general home appliances, like washing machines or refrigerators, transforming them into smart appliances, the SmartThinQ Hub serves as a central gateway for smart homes, communicating with the entire home’s connected appliances and sensors, said the announcement.

The company explained that the circular-shaped sensor, which is approximately four centimetres in diameter, can be attached to any home appliance, and is designed to sense vibration or changes in temperature, then report on the status of the appliance through the SmartThinQ app. The sensor, the company said, can be used with conventional appliances turning them into smart appliances, for instance, the sensor can be used on a conventional washing machine to notify the user at a preset time period after a laundry cycle has been completed, or can be used on an air conditioner to turn the unit on or off, or even to adjust its temperature settings while the occupants are away from home.

Users, it added, will now be able to experience the convenience of IoT technology in their homes without having to replace all their existing appliances.

The SmartThinQ Hub, the company revealed, serves as a gateway for SmartThinQ sensors using Wi-Fi or Zigbee connectivity, which can be synchronised with other online services, such as Google Calendar and online weather forecasts, and can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. The Hub, it added, comes equipped with a 3.5-inch colour LCD display and can send notifications to smartphones, or announce alerts through its embedded speaker.

“We are very excited to have rolled out our smart home products in Korea,” said Jo Seong-jin, President of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. “Looking ahead, LG’s innovative spirit will lead the way in the global push for IoT technology adoption.”

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