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Cool-Therm offers ‘off-the-shelf’ chillers for immediate delivery

Available chillers will be listed on the company’s website

| | Aug 28, 2016 | 3:04 pm
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Bristol, England: United Kingdom-based Cool-Therm has said that is stocking chillers of popular models that customers can order “off-the-shelf” and have it delivered to a designated site in a matter of days rather than months, according to a company-issued press release.

Rob Young, Director of Cool-Therm, who is heading the initiative, said: “Traditionally, the time-frame for chiller delivery is governed by the fact that plant is normally made to order, given the scale of investment involved. This means that lead-times are usually two to three months, at best.” In situations when chillers breakdown, such as in data centres and process cooling environments where production depends on continuity of cooling, and it cannot be repaired or replaced quickly, the “off-the-shelf” availability can come of use, said Young.

The company informed that current chillers that are in stock will be listed on its website, permitting ordering for immediate despatch and delivery to a designated site within days.

To meet the need, the company said that it is offering customers access to the popular models of Tonon chillers. Tonon’s range of chillers, the company claimed, have a growing following in the United Kingdom, and are particularly suitable for applications requiring low sound levels, such as in hospitals and educational settings. The company further said that there is also a low-temperature option that provides high-intensity cooling for replacement applications requiring a larger capacity for a given footprint, or lower temperatures for improved food hygiene in food production or catering applications.

“We believe the new service provides a valuable safety net for end users and FMs requiring a rapid replacement chiller,” said Young. “Plus the Tonon machines are not only highly cost-effective but based on excellent engineering for long term performance, reliability and efficiency.”

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